Understand Your Business Better

Artificial Intelligence can help you understand your business better. Businesses are able to overcome lack of data challenge by extending enquiries beyond tradition means into the new media. With the help of Natural Language Processing, organisations are able to process information from unusual sources. Sentiment Analysis gives organisation timely feedbacks on their brands. Anomally detection identifies outliers in financial transactions. While predictive demand pattern is boosting customers services, it is also providing opportunities for forward integration. ekoAnalytIcs understands that every client is unique; so is their required solutions. We work with organisations to build functional models; train the machine internally, such that training and validation are run internally, thereby maintaining data confifentiality and saving costs on continuous training of the machine

Major Services
Machine-aided Data Collection

Possibility of gathering market intelligence beyond traditional methods. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to collect unstructured data where organisations often complain of lack of data. ekoAnalytIcs works with clients to gather structured and unstructured data.

Machine-aided Analysis

We are a data science organisation that extensively trains machine to undertake data analysis beyond human limits. We communicate results combining dynamic and interactive charts. ekoAnalytIcs reduces usual human errors often associated with large data by training machine to your needs

Predict Outcome using AI

Uncertainties in daily administration of businesses is reduced with predictive models. Supervised and unsupervised learnings with ability to undertake Natural Language Processing. ekoAnalytIcs helps in smartly classifying factors and segmenting your clients to enable you forecast likely outcomes.